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Mechanical design engineer / mechanical engineer / structural engineer

Mechanical design engineer / mechanical engineer / structural engineer

Yangzhou New Concept Electric Co., Ltd.

6000-10000 yuan / month

Structure development

First, work content

1. Responsible for the mechanical structure design of new products;

2. According to the R & D project process requirements, design is proposed, implement design optimization, data processing analysis, and reporting technical discussions and exchanges;

3. Responsible for the company's new product sample design, including data simulation and experimental verification;

4. Responsible for new product trial and small batch production tracking, and can qualitatively analyze products;

5. Responsible for the reliability, safety, economic analysis of the product;

6. Responsible for providing mechanical technical support in the production process and after-sales;

7. Cooperate with the technical issues and customer needs of the customer's field devices, and the difficulties are technically research;

8. Participate in the promotion and transformation of new technologies and new processes;

9. Responsible for the company's old product costs and performance improvement;

10. Complete other work assigned by the leadership.

Second, the request

1, academic qualifications and above; mechanical related majors;

2. Familiar with mechanical design and material structure, have good expertise;

3, familiar with the production process, design method and working principle of the company's products.

4, more than 2 years of experience in power industry work priority, while providing excellent graduates internship.

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