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At present, when the electrical parameters such as current and voltage are collected online, the external current transformer, the voltage transformer is generally used, and the maximum disadvantage of the external voltage transformer is that the fuse is easy to blow, especially in lightning. Under the weather, the damage chance is large, affecting the voltage measurement reliability. Further, the external voltage transformer is costly, especially on the distribution line, measuring three external voltage transformers or three-phase five-phase voltage transformers when measuring three-phase voltage and zero sequence voltages, and the user needs special Consider the installation location and require regular maintenance.

Our company has independently developed a combined current, voltage sensor, which can simultaneously acquire three-phase voltage and three-phase current signal simultaneously, replacing traditional current transformers and voltage transformers. It is characterized in that the current transformer coil and a copper foil ring are used; when the combined current voltage sensor fixes the primary side guiding member of the high pressure switching device, when the primary side conductive member of the high voltage switch device flows through the AC current, The current transformer coil induces an alternating current, and outputs a secondary current that changes with the primary current size on the current transformer lead, which is used to protect the measurement and control device; when the primary side conductive member of the high voltage switching device plus AC voltage In the copper foil ring, the AC voltage is induced, and the secondary voltage varying as one voltage size is output on the shield line, and the control device is supplied to voltage collection.

This combined current voltage sensor is simple, mechanical properties are stable, and the maintenance cost is reduced, and the manufacturing and installation process is relatively simple.

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