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Nanrui spun ring network cabinet

Yangzhou New Concept Electrical and Nanrui Failee Meizhou Project First Ring Net Cabinet (Spring Operating Institution) first trial operation success

Recently, the first ring network cabinet (spring operating mechanism) independently developed by Yangzhou New Concept Electrical Co., Ltd. first trial operation, and complete debugging in the same period, and put it into use. This is the first ring network cabinet (spring operating mechanism) (spring operating mechanism) in the Meizhou project of Nanjing Nanrui Jikao Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.

The ring cabinet is a set of high-pressure switching equipment in the steel plate metal cabinet or is used as an electrical equipment for assembled space network power supply units. The core part uses a load switch and a fuse, which has simple structure, small size, low price. Improve the advantages of power supply parameters and performance and power supply safety. It is widely used in distribution stations and box substations such as urban residential communities, high-rise buildings, large-scale public buildings, factory enterprises.

The first running loop cabinet (spring operating mechanism) is a switching device for mounting a spring operating mechanism, and the spring reservoir operator is stored in the spring when a small motor will be stored in the spring, and the connecting electromagnetic After the iron coil is powered up, push the rod and use the spring stored energy to close the circuit breaker, and the trip top rod is in place. Trip electromagnet coils when tripping, pushing the trip top rod opens the energy to complete the trip with the spring.

Yangzhou New Concept Electrical Co., Ltd. concentrated on multi-sectoral, cross-professional outstanding technicians form teamwork, closely cooperated with Nanrui, completed the access, commissioning and acceptance of all systems of the first ring network cabinet (spring operating mechanism) And successfully run. This product has improved the reliability of the RMB cabinet operation and ensuring the safe and reliable operation of the grid, which has important significance for further innovation development of smart ring network cabinets.

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