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New concept electrical won 2019 China Manufacturing \"Plum Award \" Annual Excellent Enterprise Award

New concept electrical won 2019 China Manufacturing \"Plum Award \" Annual Excellent Enterprise Award

On the afternoon of December 17, the 2019 China \"Plum Awards \" The 2019 China \"Plum Awards \" Annual Selection Awards Ceremony and Summit Forum, which were jointly hosted by China Manufacturing and China International Trade Promotion Committee. The cooperation units SGS, BV, TÜV and SÜD, winning enterprises and mainstream media representatives gathered in Nanjing, witnessing this\"China Manufacturing \" ceremony, and some winning products have also appeared in the awards ceremony.

The 40.5kV solid insulation ring network cabinet in the new concept of electrical company has won the outstanding business award.

40.5kV Solid Insulating Ring Net Cabinet is a solid insulation switching device that fills the domestic 35kV voltage level. It is well known that climate problems caused by greenhouse gas emissions have become a problem that all responsible countries in the world want to solve. Since June 2016, my country has developed a series of plans to promote greenhouse gas control since the June 2016. work hard. SF6 has been widely used in electrical systems as a medium having excellent insulation performance, but SF6 is also a greenhouse gas that has had the greatest impact on the environment. The greenhouse effect produced is 20,000 times CO2. The new concept is electrical since its establishment in 2001, has been committed to replacing the SF6 insulation switching equipment. After continuous development of 12kV, 24KV solid insulation ring network cabinet, through the unremitting efforts of the company's employees and cooperative research institutions, this 40.5kV solid insulation ring network cabinet is developed, and the AQTC type test certification is replaced by SF6. A solid step is taken on the road. At the same time, our solid insulated ring network cabinet uses our own development of permanent magnet actuators. Compared to the common spring mechanisms in the market, the components are reduced from about 10 or so, which greatly improves the stability of the institution. Superior performance, reducing the fault rate, providing customers with more reliable and stable choices. 40.5kV Solid insulation ring NET is also very popular in the international market. After China's manufacturing launched the product, we also received a lot of inquiry. When our customers came to visit, we always be very interested. At present, customers have reached a cooperation with us on the product. We hope to provide customers with such equipment to provide customers with intelligent, environmentally friendly, stable, free maintenance, and contribute to global climate protection.

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