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Permanent magnet gas cabinet

Guangdong Power Grid Permagnetic Mechanism Gas Cabinet successfully put into operation

On April 28, 2020, Yangzhou New Concept Electrical Co., Ltd. is independently developed.First batchThe permanent magnet mechanism gas cabinet is successful in Foshan, Foshan, Guangdong, which is the first time with Nanjing Nanrui Jikao Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., participated in Guangdong Power Grid Co., Ltd. 10kvsf6 full insulation circuit breaker automation equipment.

Yangzhou New Concept Electrical Co., Ltd. has long specialized in the design, development, manufacturing of the 12 ~ 72.5kV high pressure ring network cabinet and vacuum circuit breaker, and has accumulated a lot of experience, especially the permanent magnet mechanism circuit breaker, and a number of ring network cabinets. Patented technology, a deep technique precipitation.

This time it is runningGIR series permanent magnet mechanism gas cabinetIt is an extensible SF6 gas insulating metal closed switch device.A rapid algorithm with national patent technology (patent number: ZL200720037710.7) is used, which makes the circuit breaker have fast breaking capabilities, which can quickly isolate the fault line, and a permanent magnetite network cabinet as an example from detection failure to the circuit breaker. The line time is less than 25 ms, which can effectively avoid the problem of cross-stage trip.The entire switching device is not affected by the external environment, the air box welding is welded by robot. The full sealing waterproof design, the high-voltage conductor is not exposed, especially for moisture and flooding multiple areas, which can be reliable in humidity and immersion. maintain. Its main switch operator uses permanent magnet storage operating mechanism, structure stable, less components, low failure rate, and significantly improved product reliability, and permanent magnet operating mechanism can be as high as 30000 times.

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During the implementation of the project, Yangzhou New Concept Electrical Co., Ltd. concentrated on multi-sectoral, cross-professional outstanding technicians formed teams to cooperate, overcome time tight, task, require higher difficulties, through the close cooperation with Nanrui Jiji, Signing a technical agreement within one month, completedFirst batch gas cabinetAll system access, commissioning and acceptance work have been highly rated by the owners.

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