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Pre-sales / after-sales service 4000-6000 yuan / month

Pre-sales / after-sales service4000-6000Yuan / month

After-sales service customer engineer

description of job

I. Job responsibilities:
1. Guide customers to properly use and overhaul the products sold under the company to ensure their safe operation;
2. Provide customers with after-sales service, solve product quality problems, provide technical support;
3. Diagnosis, maintenance of the fault, accident, and diagnosis and repair of customers after using the product;
4, regularly track the use of customer product usage, collect feedback data;
II. Requirements:
1. Technical secondary school and above, electrical, machinery, electronics and other related majors;
2, can accept the stage of travel;
3, strong learning ability, communication skills
4, the graduates can also be considered;
5. Software, communication professionals can provide attractive salary.

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