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Software engineer 7000-14000 yuan / month

software engineer7000-14000Yuan / month

software engineer

description of job

I. Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for software design development and improvement work in company products;
2. According to the specific requirements of the project, the software development task is assured, and the task target is completed according to the plan;
3. According to the company's software writing procedures, the product software design manual completes the low-level software programming of the product;
4. Complete the flowcharts required in the product design process, software design instructions, test instructions, and technical documents related to projects;
5. Complete other matters of the leadership arrangement.
II. Requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, electronic communication, electrical automation, power system and other related majors;
2, more than three years of embedded product development experience, proficient in C / C ++ language and embedded operating system;
3, familiar with Linux system, with solid programming foundation and certain programming experience;
4. Familiar with the DSP development platform and the single-chip system, power communication regions;
5. Experience in the development of power system relay protection products or distribution automation terminal products.
6. Complete other matters arranged by the leadership.

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