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AB-3S-40.5 column intelligent permanent magnetic circuit breaker

  • AB-3S-40.5 33kV 36kV 38kV Outdoor Substation Permanent Magnetic Vacuum Circuit Breaker
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    Our company has developed and produced AB-3S series circuit breakers to integrate domestic and foreign advanced technology, reflecting "intelligent, energy saving, environmental protection design concept, the new generation of outdoor smart vacuum circuit breakers have independent intellectual property-free maintenance ", combined Domestic power distribution network and construction requirements, the actual situation of the first and second side combination technologies. This product has greatly applied to various dimensions of the substation and power distribution networks in the country as a substation line, line segmentation, or user boundary switch. It features such as measurement, control, protection, communication, fault isolation, and network reconstruction, etc. Has been confirmed by the quality of the user. This product has a comprehensive and high degree of automation and intelligence. It is a preferred device for realizing automation and small-scale power substation.

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