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AVR Series 40.5kV (shielded, non-shielded) solid insulation ring network cabinet

  • AVR 40.5kV Metal Enclosed Solid Insulated Switchgear SIS RMU Ring Main Unit
    Brand: NCE
    Product Code: 8535309000
    Model: AVR-40.5
    The AVR series intelligent compact solid insulation switch equipment is the company based on the development needs of smart grid, integrates "intelligent, energy saving, environmental protection, freevilled", combined with the actual situation and intelligent power grid construction requirements in combination with my country's distribution network. Secondary integration technology, developing production of independent intellectual property, domestic first intelligent permanent magnet (spring) vacuum switching equipment, integral, control, protection, communication and other functions, high intelligence. This product applies to power systems of 50Hz, 12KV, 24KV, 40.5KV, widely used in industrial and civil cable ring networks and power-on-end projects, and is the preferred equipment to ensure power grid safety, reliable, economical and efficient operation.

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