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DX series permanent magnet mechanism guide module


The DX series permanent magnet mechanism guide module is an operation loop driving module that is used for permanent magnet mechanism switching equipment. The guide module is used in the power module, the storage capacitor is used, and the working current required for the permanent magnet mechanism coil can be provided according to the combination, the hierarchy signal input; it can be used in combination with two types of single-organized permanent magnet mechanisms and dual steady permanent magnet mechanisms. Way of working. The permanent magnet drive module has a short operation time, and has strong anti-electromagnetic interference. It is suitable for different voltage grade switching equipment.

Serial numbernameparameterNote
1Input voltageDC12V / DC24V / DC48V / DC110V / DC220V / DC380V遥 遥 信, remote control
2Operating voltageDC110V / DC220V / DC380VPermanent magnet operating voltage
3Manual separation0 ~ 17.7 msAfter this delay manual hinge confirmed effective
4Manual closing time0 ~ 17.7 msAfter this delay manual separation confirmation
5Closing returns delay0 ~ 1000 msSwitch Brade command output time
6Differentiation returns0 ~ 1000 msSwitch frescoation command output time
7Closed latching voltage0 ~ 255The operating voltage is smaller than this voltage
8Different locking voltage0 ~ 255The operating voltage is smaller than this voltage
9EMCPulse groupIIEC 61000-4-4, GB / T 176266.4-2008 4
Electrostatic dischargeIIEC 61000-4-2, GB / T 176266.2-2006 4
Radiant electromagnetic fieldIIEC 61000-4-3, GB / T 176266.3-2006 4
surgeIIEC 61000-4-5, GB / T 176266.5-2008 4
10surroundingsOperating temperature-25 ° C - + 70 ° C
storage temperature-40 ° C - + 85 ° C
shock10 ~ 55Hz, 19.6m / s2, 60 minutes along X, Y, Z axis
Impact196.1m / s2 (20g), 11ms, along the X, Y, Z axis each
humidity95% RH
MTBF> 100,000 h @ 25 ° C (MIL-HDBK-217F)

Can be completed with the permanent magnet mechanism to complete the switching equipment, the hierarchy operation, with lock function
It can be measured, and the storage capacitance is measured. When the energy storage voltage is insufficient, the hierarchy operation; the storage light indication and the state outlet signal are given when the energy storage is completed.
Operating power supply continues to low, drive chip short circuit faults, and can provide fault indication and fault status outlet signal when controlling chip failure.
Point, the closing input interface is compatible with the substation operation circuit (optional)
When the switch position signal is incorrect, the switch division gate operation can be selected by setting the button.
With communication function, the anti-jitter time, the adjustment switch, the split action time, and the related permanent magnet drive module run parameters, and has a switching action record, and the operating state of the permanent magnet drive module can be read through the dedicated monitoring software. , Action record, etc.
With intelligent effect, make sure the switch does not jump


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