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NCC-1000 Intelligent Controller


The NCC-1000 intelligent controller is an economical integrated protection device that our company accumulates for multi-year electricity complete development, production experience, absorption of advanced technology at home and abroad, independent research and development, is compact, compact, compact, the controller has a unique Fast protection, single-phase ground protection, low voltage lock function, combination of measurements, control, protection, communication, etc., realize the update replacement of product technology. The controller is convenient to operate, and the electromagnetic interference ability is strong, and it can be programmed online, and the expansion is convenient.

Use environment

NameunitEnvironmental value
Amazing air temperatureMaximum temperature+50
Minimum temperature-40
Maximum temperature differenceK30
humidityDaily relative humidity average%≤100
Monthly relative humidity average≤95

The main technical parameters

Serial numbernameparameter
1Operating power supplyDC12V / DC24V
2Three-phase current input range0 ~ 50A
3Three-phase voltage input range0 ~ 0.78V
4Default error<1.0% * in;
5Current tunition (once CT ratio is in / 1):0.02in ~ IN or 0.15in ~ 10in
6Current protection action time<11ms;
7Static power consumption of the whole machine<5W

Note: Technical parameters exceed the scope of the previous table, please contact us


Fast Data Acquisition and Processing Unit: High Speed ​​Microcontroller Chip to achieve fast data acquisition and operation, and give execution commands after quick judgment; high-precision measurement of analog signals using 14-bit AD conversion chip; has a rich interface;
Analog input circuit: After separating the three-phase voltage from the three-phase current signal, filter processing, and then send A / D port after transportation circuit;
Switching input circuit: The switch amount signal is photoelectrically isolated, magnetically isolated, and the I / O port is sent to the fast data acquisition and processing unit;
Switch Quantity Fast Output Circuit: Use an electronic divided brake circuit to replace the conventional mechanical contact relay;
Local machine interface: including LCD LCD and keyboard input, you can perform parameter settings or observe real-time data and fault records in the local area;
Remote Communication Interface: Standard RS232 interface, data exchange can be exchanged with remote monitoring centers, parameter setting or remote monitoring, or send short messages via wireless cat;
Power management system: internal power isolation and gate.


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