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YB-12 / 0.4 high voltage / low-voltage pre-assembly substation


YB-12 / 0.4 high-pressure / low-pressure pre-assembly substation, YANGZA New Concept Electric Co., Ltd. is summarized on the basis of pre-assembled substation for many years, and digested to absorb foreign advanced technology and design philosophy, specifically New products designed and manufactured in China's urban distribution network, the outer casing has a variety of materials such as aluminum gold plate, steel plate, composite plate, and the inner lining insulating material, the top cover is a double layer, which can effectively prevent heat radiation, and a cooling facility is provided in the box. And anti-condensed equipment. It has the reliable power supply, reasonable structure, fast shape, flexible, easy to operate, small size, and great performance. Mainly used in urban and rural power grids in 10kV, it also applies to mineral enterprises, airports, station, port, highways, subway and other public places.

Use environment

NameunitEnvironmental value
Amazing air temperatureMaximum temperature+50
Minimum temperature--40
Maximum temperature differenceK30
Solar radiation intensityW / cm20.1
Ice thicknessmm10
humidityDaily relative humidity average%≤100
Monthly relative humidity average≤95
Tolerate earthquake≤8

Note: Environmental parameters are exceeded in the previous table, please contact us.

High voltage unitRated voltageKV12
Rated frequencyHz50
1min rated power frequency tolerance voltage (pair, phase / fracture)KV42/48
Rated lightning impact tolerance voltage (pair, phase / fracture)KV75/85
Rated currentA630
Rated short-term resistanceka20
Rated peak toleranceka50
Low pressure unitRated voltageV400
Main loop rated currentA100 ~ 2500
Rated short-term resistance to current (ground loop)ka12.5
Rated peak tolerance current (ground loop)KV31.5
Feed circuit currentA10 ~ 630
Feeder1 ~ 12
Compensation capacitykvar20% to 40% by transformer capacity
Transformer unitRated Capacitykva30 ~ 1250
Impedance voltage%4/6
± 2X2.5%, ± 5%
Join group
Dyn11, yyn0
BoxEnclosure rating
Sound levelDBNational standard

Note: Technical parameters exceed the scope of the previous table, please contact us

Compact structure, small size, less land, convenient transportation, convenient shape, in the form of a box becomes \"目 \" word, \"product \" word.
The outer casing has the characteristics of rugged, insulation, dust, moisture-proof, anti-small animals. The outer casing can be made of aluminum-zinc plate, ordinary steel plate, stainless steel plate, color steel plate, environmentally friendly non-metallic (GRC) material, etc. Has strong mechanical properties, resistance resistance, and anti-corrosion performance. The appearance color and pattern can be customized according to customer needs, making it better with surrounding buildings.
The maze plate structure is used, not only beautiful, easy to disassemble, and has good ventilation fan heat performance. Perfect protection performance, easy to operate, can measure high, low voltage side
The transformer unit can be used to fully seal the oil immersion transformer, etc., and SCB and SGB dry transformers can also be employed.
High-voltage cabinets can use gas insulation ring network cabinets, solid insulated ring network cabinets to meet different site and climatic conditions

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