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YC series permanent magnet mechanism


YC series permanent magnet mechanism is suitable for indoor and outdoor vacuum circuit breakers and ring cabinets of 12/24 / 40.5kV voltage level, the institution prototype is independently developed by Yangzhou New Concept Electric Co., Ltd. The ability of the product series is supporting. The permanent magnet mechanism has less components, simple structure, high reliability, long life, maintenance, maintenance, electronic software control, thus is very broad, permanent magnet mechanism can be divided into single stabilizers Permanent magnet mechanism and bistable permanent magnet mechanism; divided into two coil permanent magnet mechanisms and single coil permanent magnet mechanisms according to the number of uses of the coil.

The main technical parameters

Serial numbernameparameterNote
1Operating powerDC110V / DC220V / DC380VCustomization on demand
2Retile strength> 3000nSupport 20KA circuit breaker or ring network cabinet
> 3500NSupported 25KA circuit breakers or ring network cabinets
> 4200NSupported 31.5kA circuit breaker or ring network cabinet
3Institutional itinerary8-35mmCustomization on demand
4Mechanical life> 100,000 times/
5Demagnetize temperature> 175 ° CCustomization on demand
6Inherent partial time<10msTake 10kV equipment as an example


There are few parts, only one movable part, no mechanical wear, improve the reliability of the organization.
The mechanical life of the agency can be up to 100,000 times, and the mechanical life is at least 3 times more than the traditional electromagnetic mechanism and the spring mechanism.
Directly drive the vacuum ulphone contact by moving the core, simplifying the transmission chain, no mechanical off, locking means, reducing the source of the fault.
Suitable for use in different temperature environments.

Note: Technical parameters exceed the scope of the previous table, please contact us


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