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NCC-H1000 Power Distribution Automation Terminal Control Panel Modular for Switchgear and Circuit Breaker

  • NCC-H1000

  • NCE

  • 8535309000

Power Distribution Automation Terminal Control Panel Modular for Switchgear and Circuit Breaker is an important part of the power distribution automation system, the fault detection, information delivery, reception and execution of the control command are subject to the function.

The NCC-H1000 intelligent power distribution automation terminal is mainly used in the current pillar switch, ring network cabinet, etc. in the current distribution network, can cooperate with the distribution network automation master and sub-station system to achieve electricity collection and control, detect failure, fault Regional positioning, isolation, and non-faulty area resume power supply, improve power supply reliability.

Distribution Automation Terminal With high performance dual-core CPU for hardware development platform, processing and system control ARM9 and high-efficiency processing multitasking powerful DSP, implementing high-speed data processing, control and communication, ensuring stable and reliable, high performance in product design , High precision, convenient installation and maintenance.

Use environment

NameunitEnvironmental value
Amazing air temperatureMaximum temperature+50
Minimum temperature-40
Maximum temperature differenceK30
humidityDaily relative humidity average%≤100
Monthly relative humidity average≤95

Serial numbernameparameterNote
1rated powerfrequency50Hz
2Rated operating power supplyDC power supply220V / 110VThe voltage allowed deviation is + 20% to -20%;
AC power supply220V / 110VThe voltage allowed deviation is + 20% to -20%;
DC operating voltage24V
3Three-phase AC voltageBasic error limit0.01Un -1.2Un, ± 0.5 ℅Capacitive voltage transformer
0.01Un -1.2Un, ± 0.2 ℅Electromagnetic voltage transformer
Power consumption<0.5VA / phase
4Three-phase AC currentBasic error limit0.02in -1.2in, ± 0.2 ℅,
1.2in-20in, ± 3 ℅
Power consumption<0.5VA / phase
5OverloadAlternating current2 times a 10x rated current to be allowed for 1 second when the rated current is allowed for 2 times rated current
AC voltage1.2 times rated voltage, 10 seconds are allowed for 10 seconds
6Remote letter openingSignal input methodPassive contact/
Enter circuit uses photoelectric isolation1
Contact voltageDC24V
SOE resolutionLess than 2 milliseconds
Remote letter change transfer time during accidentLess than 1 second
Software anti-shake time6-60000 milliseconds
7Remote outputoutput methodSource contact
The output voltageDC110V / DC220V
Output currentLess than 120A
output methodRelay assist
Contact capacityDC24V10A / AV220V10A
Remote control timeEach remote control contacts are set separately to hold time
8Chassis protection performanceThe protection level is not lower than the IP65 requirements specified by GB / T4208
9reliabilityThe average has no fault time is not less than 50,000 hours.
10Electromagnetic Compatibility

High frequency interference, surge interference, electrostatic discharge interference, power frequency magnetic field and damping magnetic field interference meet the level 4 requirements in GB / T15153.1;

Pulse magnetic field interference meets level 5 requirements in GB / T 17626;

Fast transient pulse group interference meets level 4 requirements in GB / T 17626;

The power supply voltage has a sudden drop and interrupts comply with the requirements in GB / T 15153.1.

Note: Technical parameters exceed the scope of the previous table, please contact us


The control unit uses the current most advanced embedded operating system, using dual CPU core architecture, including general processing and system control ARM9 and powerful DSP, high-speed data processing, control and communication
The rapid algorithm with national patent technology (patent number: ZL200720037710.7) is used to make the circuit breaker have fast breaking capabilities. It can quickly isolate the fault line, solve the problem of fast isolation of distribution line failures, effectively avoiding the problem of cross-level trip
The capacitive voltage transformer (CVT) signal is received by a single-phase ground protection system having a national patent technology (patent number: ZL201020178325.6), and the online judgment of single-phase failure of small current grounding system is realized, and according to the set value Speaking police or trip action
The A / D module uses 16-bit A / D conversion and active low-pass filtering to make this product with extremely high measurement accuracy.
The communication method is flexible, supports GSM short messages, supports GPRS universal wireless services, supporting a variety of communication protocols
Using large-screen full-ritime liquid crystal display, display information, friendly interface, full Chinese system, parameter settings, fast
The temperature measurement and temperature correction technique is used, so that the product can be reliable and stable under different environmental conditions in all regions of the country.
The lightning protection module and special anti-interference measures can be used to test by strict electromagnetic compatibility (IV).


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